Helpfull Tips and Stratigies to Stay Fit & Healthy During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Updated: Apr 13

The past few weeks have been one heck of a roller coaster and we have have been affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19. One of the biggest changes that have hit us all is the fact that the gyms are closed! Now I want to keep this post as positive as I can and not focus on the sick, those out of work, and those on the front lines of this thing.

This is a fitness blog and if you have found yourself here then you are probably just like me and miss the GYM! On March 16th it was announced here in CT that the gyms will be forced to close down to help combat the spread of COVID-19. This change was swift and felt like it was out of the left field.

I was actually at work that morning training clients just like any other day. Then we get the word that the gym was going to be forced to close for 2 weeks. It is now April 8th and it does not look like we will see the gyms open up any time soon.

In the weeks following this executive order people just like you were scrambling to find gyms to train in, searching online for gym equipment, or if you are like me already were stocked up with your own home gym. To some it seemed like this will blow over but as we know now that is just not the case.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this blog I want to tell you a little back story about my situation for those who don’t know. My name is John Fabi and I am the owner of Fabi Elite Fitness. I have been in the fitness industry since 2012 as a personal trainer who also managed a number of gyms, and was an athlete for years prior to my training career.

Back in 2015 I opened my first studio and in 2018 expanded to a bigger training physicality that I was extremely proud of. Things were going good and the business was growing. But this past January I saw a decline in new members and activity on my old website. Now if you know the gym business than you know this is beyond odd. During that time I had to do a self-audit and see if what I was going was really making me happy and was keeping this gym what I really wanted to invest more of my time and money into.

In February I booked a flight to Florida to take a few days off to clear my head and answer these questions I had been asking myself. I was flying out on a Sunday and woke up with a bit of a cough and a sore throat. Just my luck right? I was going away to paradise for 4 days and I am coming down with a cold. But the flight was booked and I figured it was just the dry air from being in my apartment with the heat on.

The next day my father and I flew out to go and stay in his condo in Saint Petersburg, FL. At the time my dad and I joked about the “coronavirus” as that was still fresh in the news at the time. But when that cough did not get better I went right to the walk-in to get it to check and just to be safe.

The docs checked me out and everything seemed to be in order. Just a cold they said but follow up if things get worse….. And boy did they get worse! It was not even 2 full days before I was back at that same walk in with a fiver of 102 and could hardly move. I had not slept for the entire night before this visit and was lucky I had my dad there to drive me in. The docs took some tests and said I tested positive for Influenza B. That was not the best news but it was better than this coronavirus thing right?

So the awesome doc shot me up with a steroid and told me to take Tylenol to keep the fiver down. I could not tell you what it was that she shot me up with but was feeling great after and back to enjoying the sunshine state for the remainder of my time there. I chalked it all up to the stress and all the hours I was putting in training people to cover the overhead of my 1600sqft gym.

The trip was now over and I was flying back to CT with my dad and things were good. This whole flu thing was nothing and I was ready to get back to the grind… so I thought. Once I got back home the fiver was back, the cough was worse than ever and I was a mess. I was missing work having to cancel whole days of clients and it was 1.5 more weeks before I got back to normal life.

I am telling you this story to give you some background on why I made the change after that to close my facility and take my business back to a fully online model. Financially this was a huge hit to me because I had just invested a large sum of money into new equipment and renovations to my gym. This huge change was scary as hell and I know I had to set my ego aside. I work to build this dream gym for years it was part of my identity it was what made me who I was!

But my gut told me that this was the right move and so I moved forward guns blazing and ready for this new challenge. I had taken a job offer as a trainer at a great gym, was moved out of my old spot, sold some equipment, and was set up to have a sick home gym. Things were good and then well March came around and we know what happened next.

How that we are all up to date on what inspired this blog to get into what you are here for. How can you stay fit and have a plan during this crazy time?

The key to success in anything is to have a plan but also to adapt and overcome new challenges. Just like I had to do when closing my gym, you will have to adapt and overcome this!

I know a lot of you like myself as I write this blog are now working from home. This might feel hard to you when it comes to staying active and keeping your eating on point. But I beg to differ, now is the perfect time to make more results. One thing I learn from bodybuilding is to control my environment. The temptation is everywhere and things constantly want to get in the way of your results.

Have a morning routine:

Having a morning routine is so important for making sure you start your day off on the right note. In this time when we are stuck home it is easy to fall into bad habits, maybe sleeping in, stay in sweats or pj’s all day, working on the couch, binge-watching tiger king on Netflix. You name it these things are attractive to us because on our normal day to day most of us don’t have that luxury. But it is important that if you have goals especially fitness goals to start your day right. Here are some things that I do personally every morning to get focused on the day ahead.

  1. I meditate for 10-20min while doing red light therapy. This helps me wake up, and get in the right mind space to be productive. I do my best to wake up before my alarm and avoid looking at my phone first thing in the morning.

  2. Next will be my hygiene and self-care routine. I make sure I am looking, feeling and smelling good. This helps give me a boost of energy and confidence. Doing this also further helps lock in that mindset of being productive and not wanting the just chill on the couch or in bed.

  3. After that I will prep my meals for the day, and if I did not already Plan out my tasks for that day. This means I am prepared and have a set time to do each task. It is important that you set time limits for each task. Doing this will make sure that you avoid distractions and don’t throw off your rhythm and flow with work.

  4. By having my meals prepared it keeps me from having the urge to snack and eat junk. The meals are there and I went through the effort to make them so I am more inclined to eat those. Have your foot prepared also helps out with that mental focus.

  5. This one is a bonus I like to throw in depending on how I am feeling that day. If during my morning meditation I find that I am feeling tight or sore anywhere then I will add a 10-15 min stretch or movement workout. Further cementing in my mind to live today with purpose and not just exist on the couch.

Schedule a time to workout and stick to it:

This goes right back into my method of planning my day. If you plan on working out today but don’t have a time designated to that then you are leaving the workout up to chance. By scheduling a workout into your day and how long you plan to invest in just working out. By doing this it stands as a priority and not just another thing you will get to eventually.

  1. Schedule your workout into your daily calendar.

  2. Be specific, how long are you going to work out and let that workout be the priority.

  3. Have a workout program so you don’t just wing it and figure it out as you go. What body part or parts are you training? What exercises are you going to perform? How many sets and reps are you going to do? These are all very important to have advanced to the workout session.

Get outside and do something active a few times in the day:

This last tip has to be the easiest one of the days. Just go outside, be active, and have fun! We are all cooped up in our houses self-isolating and not getting enough of that fresh spring air and vitamin D so get up and get out! Even something as simple as doing a couple of 10-minute walks will do the trick. Up here in CT we are just getting our first taste of spring weather and sunshine and none of us get enough of that. So there is no better time than now to use your downtime to be outside in nature, walking around the block, or working in the yard.

Everyones number 1 excuse as to why they are not able to work out or eat right is “I don’t have the time”. Well, now you do! Don’t squander this time and be less active. Use the time to be more active and replace bad habits with great ones.

We are all going through this madness together and I want to make it my mission to help you all make it through. I have made it my mission to give you all the tips and tools to come out the other side of this pandemic and worldwide shut down better than ever. This is why I am putting more work into this blog, my social media and youtube channel to give you content with value.

If there is anything you are struggling with or anything you want to learn from me please feel free to reach out and sent me an email. You can reach me at I am here for you.



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